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Who Is Australia’s #1 Beauty Guru?

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When the blogging phenomenon took off, it seemed as though every second person started their own blog to document their life, hobbies or beliefs. When YouTube took off the same thing happened, and suddenly famous singers and entertainers emerged like Justin Bieber (yes, he was discovered on YouTube), Jenna Marbles, and Tyler Oakley. Justin Bieber aside, the select few of YouTubers, or ‘vloggers’, who make it big also get paid some big dollars.

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Lauren Curtis, the 22-year-old beauty guru, stole the hearts of young Australian girls back in 2011 when she first started her YouTube channel. There must have been something special about the blonde beauty, because within the last four years she has gained over 3 million global subscribers and earned the title of Australia’s number 1 beauty vlogger.

So what does she do on her channel that has given her this status?

She talks about makeup – kinda.

beauty guru lauren curtis

Lauren gives makeup tutorials, hair and skincare instructional videos, as well as inspires young women (and a small percentage of men) about the importance of self-confidence. Her beauty and makeup skills are excellent, and they’d have to be since makeup is what she studied. Her talents have inspired many others out there to start their own channels, and now basic makeup skills and techniques can be leaned at home for free.

If you want to learn how to contour, watch one of her videos. If you’re struggling with winged liner, she’ll show you the simplest way to apply it. If you want to learn glamour or everyday makeup looks, she’ll tell you the perfect products to use. Lauren, along with many other gurus on YouTube, are slowly instilling beauty know-how into the world.

All her success has given her endless opportunities, like creating her own website and being the face of Colgate ads with fellow beauty vlogger, Chloe Morello.

She started from nothing, making b-grade videos on her webcam in her room to now producing some high quality content. Pretty inspiring, huh? Now we all wish our job was to make videos on YouTube.

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