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Which Celebrity Blog Should You Follow?

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With celebrity blogs cropping up all over the place, it can be hard to keep up with the who’s who of Hollywood who are making their lifestyles blog friendly.

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Most recently, Ashley Tisdale and Reese Witherspoon joined the very experienced crew who have turned some of the attention from acting to blogging.

And we’re not complaining. We love a good celebrity blog and love how they’re all so different in what the represent and how we see that celebrity. Trying to get to all of them can be a bit tricky when you’re off commandeering your own life and possibly your own blog, so we’ve made life a little easier for you. Read on to find out which blog would suit you!

You’re young, fun and love some make up play. You’re life isn’t quite together and sometimes you wonder what you’re doing, but you’re having a blast figuring things out. You love to get glam, get fit and get out, checking out what’s new in your neighbourhood and looking styling while doing it.

You will love: The Haute Mess, Lauren Conrad

Ashley Tisdale and Lauren Conradย know how to style and have some fantastic life tips to share on everything from fitness to what type of coffee suits you. Light-hearted reading is fab for the gal on the go and there are always plenty of beauty tips to keep your look from getting boring.

which celebrity blog should you follow

You love a pair of chic cigarette pants and sleek hair. Fashion is everything to you and you would never imagine leaving the house looking unkempt. Sophistication is your strong suit and romance was born into fashion. You are a sucker for a great designer and you care about who you wear.

You will love: Olivia Palermo

You can’t deny Olivia Palermo’s effortless sense of style. On her blog you will find Olivia’s latest collaborations, travel tips and everything you need to know about fashion this season.

celebrity blogs, celebrity style, lifestyle

Fashion was meant to be enjoyed, and even more so, was food. Entertaining is what you do best and the thought of a garden party excites you thoroughly. You’re kind and wholesome, putting as much thought into what you wear as you do about your manners and your table settings.

You will love: Preserve, Draper James

These ladies have entertaining down pat and don’t lack in the style department either. With plenty of tips for you to play with, Blake Lively and Reese Witherspoonย also have their own line to tempt you with.

celebrity blogs, celebrity style, lifestyle

You’re a health conscious mum who loves to find out more about the world. You care about food and where it comes from and the same can be said about the clothes you put on. You love your kids but also enjoy some ‘me-time’ to indulge in a little reading or a pedicure.

You will love: Goop, The Honest Company

Celeb mums Gwyneth Paltrow and Jessica Alba are all about a wholesome and fulfilling life. Their blogs are informative and interesting, giving readers and insight into their lives and the want to do good in their own.

celebrity blogs, celebrity style, lifestyle

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