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Australian Beauty Blogger: Chloe Morello

Australian Beauty Blogger - Chloe Morello

The beauty blogging industry is ridiculously huge at the moment. There are a select few people who make some big money blogging about beauty products and giving us mere humansย YouTube tutorials โ€“ Chloe Morello is one of these people.

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Chloe is a Sydney based beauty vlogger who started off as a simple makeup artist back in 2010. She built her small empire within three years after her YouTube channel took off in 2012.

Australian Beauty Blogger - Chloe Morello

She is one of the top beauty gurus is Australia, following Lauren Curtis, and has over 1 million subscribers and 4 million monthly views on her channel.

Chloeโ€™s internet success has led to numerous amounts of endorsements and collaborations with makeup brands, fans all over the world, and free products sent to her on the daily (so jealous).

Chloe loves empowering women with knowledge and skills in beauty while keeping it friendly and funny at the same time.

Go on with your bad self, Chloe!

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