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Trend Talk: Are Skinny-Leg Pants Over?

Are skinny-leg pants over?

We love them. We have dozens of pairs of them – denim, track, silk, leather… But it might to time to fold away those cigarette leg pants and jeans that we have cherished for so long now and embrace the new style of pant that has come to town.

Okay, not so new (the palazzo/culotte/wide-leg pant has been around for decades) but the style is certainly taking over on the runway – again!

The wide-leg pant is an well-earned respite from the super tight, body-con, figure-hugging fashion that has dominated in the past three or so seasons but how do we wear them – without looking like a clown that has escaped from the circus?

1. Choose the high-waisted variety and make sure they finish at the ankle or below – especially if you a little on the short side. This way the pants will elongate the body rather than shortening it as they would if they hug around the hips and then cut off at the ankles.

2. Team with a strappy singlet in a block colour. Clashing prints will be too much for the eye to focus on and the outfit might get lost in a haze of colour so keep it simple. Having said that, going for a geometric print, spots or stripes on the pants will accentuate them and draw attention so if you’re seeking it, go for it!

3. The wide leg pant is best teamed with a delicate camisole top (spaghetti straps ideal) and high heels to accentuate an elongated silouhette. Don’t be afraid to match with a long blazer and definitely don’t be afraid to invest in a bright colour or pattern. Think vibrant saturated tones, including bright red, hot pink and canary yellow. When it comes to prints think houndstooth, polka dots, checks and stripes.

4. This fashion gem is ideal for all seasons — and can be dressed down with sandals and sunnies for bar hopping and shopping or dressed up with heels and bling for a night out on the town.

Some of our favourite designers have already caught on to the trend:

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