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5 Ways Following Your Instincts Makes You Happier

When opportunity comes a knocking we often tell ourselves we’re not ready. Sometimes we stop and start questioning our motivations, sometimes we wonder if we’re making the right decision, and almost all of the time we turn our back on our gut feelings because we’re scared.

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What we need to remember is that the voice in the back of our heads telling us to take risks is actually our friend. It should be the voice we turn to when we need advice or when we’re unsure what to do. Why? Because most of the time you’ll find your first instinct is the right one. Following your gut and skipping the stressful decision making process can actually make you happier. It reduces stress, stops you from over thinking or over analysing every choice you make, and ultimately leads to better results. Ergo a happier you, and here’s why:

It’s exciting

Taking a leap of faith is exhilarating. It’s undeniable how the split second before you jump of that cliff is an emotional rollercoaster but it’s also a fantastic feeling. Forcing yourself to do what you feel is right deep down inside helps you make hard and fast decisions and cope under pressure. It’s fun and new and brings a whole new level of excitement to your life as unlimited possibilities open their doors up to you.

You discover new things

If you didn’t take that spontaneous road trip you never would have found that incredible secluded beach, if you stopped yourself from talking to that boy you wanted to talk to you could have missed out on meeting your soul mate. Trusting in your instincts lets you delve into the unknown where you discover things you wouldn’t have otherwise.

Finding these new things and doing what you think is right is the first step to ensuring you quit the ‘what if?’ way of thinking. The only way you learn is by experiencing, you won’t know anything for sure until your standing in the middle of it.

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It reminds you what’s important

Life ebbs and flows and your adventurousness ebbs and flows with it. Leaving your comfort zone will help you appreciate the grand design.

Feeling lost, or nervous helps remind you what’s important and doing something different outside of your usual comfort zone shed some light on how serious we are. Following your gut helps make things more playful so we can truly appreciate the good in our lives along with the bad.

You’ll unlock your true potential

You don’t know until you try. This is true in all of us right down to our very cores. Stepping away from our usual decision-making processes allows us discover hidden potential within us. It’s incredible what we have locked away just itching to come to the surface. Allowing yourself to be freer in how you live your life also allows your potential to roam around freely within you.

You’ll inspire yourself

Finding success by following your instincts inspires you to take action. Once you’ve seen something work you’re more inclined to try it again and again and again. Sometimes all we need is a new perspective or a newfound accomplishment to strive for to motivate us to live our lives to our fullest.

Once you’ve unlocked all these hidden secrets you’ll find that you are happier and less stressed. We have an awful tendency to over complicate things but simplifying our lives gives us the time to focus on what’s really important.

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