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6 Advantages To Waking Up Early

You know that saying about the early bird catching the worm? Well, now it’s more than just a saying it has actual science to back it up. A growing body of research now shows that waking at the crack of dawn have advantages when it comes to their mood, workout habits and energy levels.

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So we’ve put together a bunch of proven facts that will help your rise earlier and get the most out of your days.

Early birds eat healthier

According to a 2011 Northwestern University study those who rise later consume up to 248 more calories per day than those who wake early. They also eat less fruit and vegetables and are more likely to consume fatty fast foods. Night owls were also found to have a higher BMI. Getting up early is suddenly a lot more appealing.

They’re less likely to blow off a workout

One of the most prevalent reasons for skipping a workout is not being able to find the time to schedule their workouts and stick to it. A new study presented at SLEEP 2014 by the Associated Sleep societies found that those who sleep in live more sedentary lives whereas early birds are more likely to stick to a regular exercise routine.

They’re more proactive

A 2009 study from the Journal of Applied Social Psychology learned that people who drag themselves out of bed with the sparrows relate to statements that indicate action and confidence. For example:

“I feel in charge of making things happen” or “I spend time identifying long term goals for myself”

They’re happier

Early birds are more positive and happier than people who wake up late according to the journal Emotion. In a 2012 study morning people claimed to feel healthier with links being drawn to the 9-5 lifestyle. A structured day often sees the implementation of habitual diets and exercise making people less likely to give up.

So, next time your alarm goes of at 6am do you:

A: Roll over and hit the snooze button, you’re way too tired to get up

B: Turn it off, you never liked that thing anyway

C: Get up and kick start your day the right way

D: Crawl out of bed only to pass out on the couch

We really hope you picked C!

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