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Trend Talk: It’s Officially Year of the Choker


The choker is like a boomerang, flying back and forth in the fashion look book. This trend reared its head in 2014 and was put to bed soon after. It has made a comeback yet again, which tells us two things.

Kendall Jenner ChokerFirst, this is a classic example of fast fashion, and secondly, fast fashion is always astronomically popular for a short lived amount of time. Jump on this one girl; it will be buried by Christmas. The 2016 choker collection is definitely a little different from its predecessors. We are seeing more elaborate detail, with undertones of S&M. I blame Fifty Shades of Grey.

The choker is not the easiest piece to pull off, with the key to its success being its cohesiveness with the clothing. It goes great with any edgy style, whereas trying to integrate it into a classy getup can be somewhat dubious. We reckon a pair of black skinny jeans, bandeau and biker jacket are perfect choker fodder.

If you really fancy the lady look, there are some beautiful choker style neck pieces, that cascade into a chain. This is a wee bit of a choker cheat, but perfect for the fashion nervous to ease themselves into the trend.

Celebrity Trend Setter

Katy Perry ChokerIf you need some choker inspiration, these celebs are your one stop style shop. Kendall Jenner could wear a black sack and still look better than me on my wedding day, but she is absolutely owning the choker. No surprises then. Her dark features against her ivory complexion, manage to make her look vampy. Throw in a black choker and she manages to go to Twilight heights of edgy emo.

Katie Perry is another chick that manages to wear the choker, like she invented it. Given her usually eccentric get-ups, the simple neck piece actually makes for a really refreshing understated look on her.

Image via Harper’s Bazaar

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