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White Pants Are White Hot Right Now

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White clothing. The bane of every messy eater/perennially tanned/clumsy person in existence. The mere thought of white clothing and the daily struggles it poses in life is perhaps what motivated someone, somewhere, to come up with the motto ‘all black everything’.

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Do they realise though, how clean, how fresh, how sophisticated a white ensemble can be though? As the weather warms up, and we hunt for outfits that will be comfortable, yet stylish, for our endless summer soirees, let us all focus on the hero piece of this season’s wardrobe: The White Pants (thank me later).

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The Hero Piece: White Pants

If you want to ooze old-school charm and elegance, a pair of white, high waisted pants is the key to your newly discovered sophistication. To achieve daytime glamour a pair of embellished sandals, a tucked in, striped tee and an oversized, floppy hat is all you need before the Amal Alamuddin in Venice wedding mode comparisons start rolling in (hopefully along with the Clooney look-alikes). The pants can also easily become night time appropriate with the addition of a pair of heels and a cropped top, a la Cara Delevingne at this year’s Met Gala Ball.

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We understand these looks would not be out of place amongst the rich and famous in Monaco, and yes, we hear you yelling ‘But I only do casual! My outings do not take place on super yachts or in mansions!’ and so we introduce to you white jeans. Denim. It’s that trusty sidekick on the journey to fashion paradise, faithful and forgiving, and with enough varying styles, washes and cuts to keep you coming back for more. White jeans, be they ripped, cropped, high waisted or boyfriend cut, are the ultimate ‘cool girl’ item you have been missing out on.

Denim has never had the pretentious nature of more tailored items, and you can literally roll out of bed, throw your white denim jeans on and wear them with WHATEVER you want. White jeans with a white tee is simple, effective, yet still on trend (yes, you can do white on white) and dead easy to accessorise. Or channel your inner Miranda Kerr and go all out with denim on denim with a light wash denim shirt, worn either open with a tank underneath, or buttoned up.

white jeans, white denim, miranda kerr, denim, style
No one does it better then Miranda

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Trust us, you’ll never be able to remember your wardrobe without them.

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