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Trend Talk: The New Trackies

How To, Trackies, Style

Trackies are awesome. They’re comfy and not much effort for choosing a outfit. There are many ways to wear trackies and many styles to choose from.

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Read more for stylish and trendy trackies you can wear for comfort and still look good on the go.

1. Jogger Trackies

How To, Trackies, Style

Jogger trackies are amazing because there are so many different styles from grey cotton to skinny ones. You can even get ones with different patterns and textures.

These particular denim ones are stylish and look good! You can wear them with a nice shirt and jacket or cotton fabric cardigan. You will be comfortable and look stylish on the go.

2. PatternedΒ Loose Trackies

How To Wear Trackies The Right Way

Patterned trackies are really cool because they add flavor to your style. There’s many designs to choose from, shapes to floral and stars and feeling really wild, wear ones with animal prints.

These are loose fitting so you will be super comfy. Wear them on the go when you don’t feel like dressing up. You’ll still look really good.

3. Satin Joggers

How To, Trackies, Style

Satin Joggers are soft and they will fall loosely over your legs but still reveal your leg shape. You can choose any color and this is perfect for a simple but stylish look.

Wear a cotton or satin sleeved top and you will be left feeling soft, comfy and stylish.

4. Sporty Trackies

How To, Trackies, Style

Loose black trackies with a white stripe screams ‘Sporty Chick’ . They’re loose and super comfy. These will be perfect for when working out and on the go when you don’t want to do much effort when picking a outfit to wear.

You’re still look good, it’s a simple style without looking like you just got of bed!

5. Tight Super Stylish Trackies

How To, Trackies, Style

These waist slouch joggers are super hot! The fabric is soft and it’s tight fitting but not to tight. The piece tied together by the waist line is super stylish and it gives an extra style to a simple look.

Wear a crop top with these trackies and you will be looking stylish and really good.

Wearing super stylish trackies is really easy. Just add a nice T-shirt and jersey to the look and you will look stylish on the go and stay super comfy.

Images: Tumblr and PopSugar

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