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Waistline Trends By Decade

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It seems not so long ago we were wearing low-rider jeans and taking style tips from Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. The level at which their jeans sat below their hipbones was cause for outrage from many mums who were still in high-waisted jeans from a previous decade.

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In the 2000s, fashion threw caution to the wind and took the high-waisted look of the 90s to sit down below hip bones and v-lines and much lower than the belly button. Who can forget Keira Knightley’s outfit at Disneyland that consisted of lower than low jeans and a white, off-the-shoulder crop top.

While fashion had a low – metaphorical and literal in the 2000s – the class and waistlines has been brought back up, with high-waisted and mid-rise becoming a regular style aspect of the runway.

waistline, trends, decade, low riders

Seemingly, the style that was made famous in the 70’s was back in fashion to stay. While skirts haven’t suffered the same low ride trend as much as a pair of jeans, they still did dip to a low once upon a time. Luckily, classic, high waisted pencil skirts and A-line beauties have outshone the too-much-stomach-too-much-leg piece that once hung shamefully in our closets.

When high-waisted pieces were coming back after the low riding phase, we could often be found feeling a bit ick knowing that our stomachs were to be covered once again. How young and dumb we were.

The height of pants and skirts has gone through dramatic highs and lows in the last five decades. However, midway through the 2010’s, it seems that we have finally found our fashion common sense (in some ways anyhow) and are dressing as to what looks chic, and the trends are following.

waistline, trends, decade, low riders

High-waisted, flattering pieces are back in, which really is a blessing, with designers making the most of chic cigarette pants, pencil skirts and even jeans sitting higher above our hips. After many years and many trends, it seems that we are finally getting better at picking out pieces that complement our bodies and draw attention to the clothes and not how much skin we can show.

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