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Underwear As Outerwear

Kim Kardashian Dress

Is underwear as outerwear ever ok? Kim K seems to think so, if the recent pap snaps are anything to go by. While we don’t quite have her confidence, we reckon it is ok to push the clothing boundaries a teeny bit. Be warned though; this look is quite racy so it is easy to get it wrong.

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A silk chemise is a great starting piece to ease into the trend. Tucked into skinny jeans, and teamed with a fitted blazer, this look is sexy but smart.

Another daring look is to feature a beautiful bra under transparent top. This look is one that not everyone can pull off, and it generally looks neater on a smaller bust.


Boohoo as always are fashion forward, and the style powerhouse have a number of lingerie looks for everyday wear. Lace is a heavy feature, but who are we to complain. Lace is awesome! They have a fabulous collection of bodices with lace detail which team really well with skirts or pants.

While we are all for trying new things, we think this look is reserved for evening/night wear. It is super glam , so let it sparkle at dusk!

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