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TV Show-Inspired Style

Gossip Girl

As we all know the latest craze is binge watching TV shows! Well, there are shows in the past with fashion must haves – Sex and the City, The O.C and Gossip Girl !


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Lets face it, we love these shows and have watched them at some point. Yes, the story lines and characters are hot topics but the fashion should be also.

Need some inspiration and love your TV shows? Read on for the hottest show inspired styles!

Marissa Cooper – On The Go Look

Marissa Cooper, Character, Street Style

Okay, I’m totally obsessed with this show and in love with Marissa Cooper’s outfit choices! She’s rich and has money to spend on designer fashion!

Need a on the go look for a night out with friends, wear this inspired Marissa Cooper outfit – soft shiny satin top and denim jeans! It reveals skin which is perfect for hot nights. It’s gorgeous, plain and super stylish!

Gossip Girl – Soft Satin Style

Gossip Girl, Class

Serena Van Der Woodsen. Let’s admit we love her and hate her! She had the hottest style on the show though! This show was all about the rich, hot guys, back stabbing and fashion!

A warm day and want to wear something soft? Wear this Serena inspired outfit – cotton high shorts and a satin shirt, For more style – tuck the shirt in and for elegance wear a black pair! So step outside like a Gossip Girl – xoxo.

Carrie’s Ballet Tutu

Sex and The City, Carrie Bradshaw, Fashion

Who doesn’t love Sex and the City – it shaped woman’s lives all over the world with friendship and FASHION (mainly Carrie Bradshaw)!

Through out the whole series, we saw Carrie in her ballet tutu’s a lot! Love a cute, chic but oh so stylish look! Wear a Carrie inspired mini ballet tutu style skirt with a shirt and wrap around around the waist. Don’t forget to wear ballet pumps!

These shows shaped our lives in so many ways and let’s face it we were drooling over the fashion!

Images via: Pinterest and Facebook Gossip Girl page

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