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Trend Talk: Velvet

This fall, velvet clothing is a trend because of its soft material. There’s so many ways to wear it, from dresses to skirts and pants to shirts and boots. Plus, it’ll keep you warm during the cold days so stock up on this trend and be the talk of the fashion world.

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Chic Dress

Velvet, Mini dress

Need a dress for a night out? Wear a velvet mini! Even though it’s cold, a dress is perfect for a hot, sweaty night on the dance floor. Plus there will be some shine, as the fabric will radiate under the lights.

For more sex appeal, which we want in the clubs, wear one with lace around the chest area and make sure it sits tightly over your body!

Sassy Mini Skirt

Velvet, Mini skirt

If you like your soft colors – wear a pastel velvet mini skirt. Love bold colors – navy blue is the way to go, as these colors are trendy! It’s ideal for on the go and for extra warmth and class, wear lace leggings.

Smart Pants

Trend Talk: Velvet

Velvet puff tight pants is a must have – why? Its rich in color, soft, tight and screams elegance! For a finished look – wear a plain tee tucked in, a blazer and pointy stiletto’s. You’ll look sexy and slick!

Sexy Crop Top

Crop top

You need to add a plain but eye popping velvet crop top to your wardrobe because it reveals some skin and obviously, cleavage, which we love! Wear a coat when you step outside, that way you can keep warm and maintain sexy.

Luxurious Boots 


Boots are essential for autumn, as they keep your feet warm, plus they’re super stylish. For extra appeal, wear ones with a a heel! They match any outfit and to keep with the trend – wear a navy colored pair!

Velvet is soft, beautiful and is a luxury so spoil yourself and be apart of this season’s latest craze!

Images via: Pinterest

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