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Trend Talk: Stripes For Spring


Stripes are the go-to trend for spring – especially in bright, bold colours. Models strutted down the runway in stripes style during the Spring 2016 Fashion week, proving it’s top of the trends.

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There’s so many ways to wear stripes from dresses to T-shirts and skirts. Try thin stripes, thick stripes, vertical and horizontal. Whatever your style, there’s a stripe to suit you.

1. Horizontal Bright Stripes

Trend Talk, Stripes, Spring

Horizontal stripes are perfect for long cotton summery dresses and it’s pretty simple. You can either have two different coloured stripes or multi-coloured.

Multi-coloured is super stylish and screams spring/summer. These dresses are perfect for a day on the beach or drinking cocktails by the pool.

2. Vertical For Office and Work Events

Trend Talk, Spring, Stripes

Vertical stripes are perfect for a matching outfit, like pencil skirts and long-sleeved shirts. Two matching colours will go well and to mix it up you can have three different colours for each stripe.

As it isn’t casual wear, it’s will be perfect for work at the office because you look professional whilst still being trendy and stylish. It’s also perfect for work functions.

3. Asymmetrical Formal Stripes Attire

Trend Talk, Spring, Stripes

Asymmetrical stripes can work really well for formal attire and, once again, cotton dress beachwear. A strapless dress that flares at the bottom with thin stripes is perfect for a spring night as your shoulders will be bare and you will look elegant, stylish and trendy.

4. All-In-One Stripes

Trend Talk, Spring, Stripes

Don’t know which design to use? Wear an all-in-one striped outfit. There’s two ways you can do it – one is big stripes as vertical, horizontal and asymmetrical or a mixture of thick and thin stripes with a mixture of colours.


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