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Trend Talk: Seeing Stars

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Shine bright like a… no, not a diamond, like a star, because the latest trend we are all about to embrace has got us, quite literally, reaching for the stars. Sparkly, metallic or matte, stars are truly the perfect motif required to update your party looks, and considering the holiday season is upon us (btw: WHERE HAS THIS YEAR GONE?!), it’s time to look to the stars for your style inspiration.

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Incorporating stars into your wardrobe doesn’t mean having to be all cutesy or kitsch though. If that’s what you were worried about, never fear, the star trend is a lot different to any nostalgic memories you might have of dressing up in too-shiny star prints as a child during Christmas. This time around, they are subtle and minimal, providing just enough of the trend to ensure you are fashion-forward, but not too much that you appear fashionably desperate.

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Asos Dress, $106

Thankfully, the trend comes in all kinds of starry shapes and forms. If a star print doesn’t take your fancy, or you are after something a little more toned down, star jewellery could be the perfect addition to your collection. Both Cue and Swarovski have gorgeous pieces that would add that flawless touch of bling you might be after, and it doesn’t matter if you are an earrings or necklace type of gal (or both!), their range will cover all your star-struck needs. Just try not to go overboard – we know they’re pretty, but you don’t want people mistaking you for the Christmas tree at the office breakup party.

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stars, cue, trend talk, trend talk : stars, star accessories, star jewellery
Cue Necklace, $159

Mimco have you covered in the bag department, with the most star spangled bags we’ve ever gazed at. If it’s a statement you want to make (and when you’re accessorizing with stars, who isn’t?) these should be your go-to bags for every party/dinner/drinks/night out you have on your holiday calendar. Bags like these are meant to be seen and noticed, so they are not for the faint of heart. There is sequins involved, there is A LOT of glitter and there are tassels; but it is also fun fashion at it’s best, and that is exactly what trends are all about.

mimco, stars, trend talk, trend talk: stars, star accessories, star bags
Mimco Top Hat Troupe Pouch, $199

We know we said that too-shiny star prints might be taking the trend too far, but that was before we saw Bonds new ‘Star Gazer’ range. With bras, undies, singlets and leggings all covered in their amazing metallic star print, they are just too fun to not get on board with. Mix up the usual boring socks and jocks Christmas gift by injecting a bit of Bonds star power, make sure you get your own first, you don’t want to miss out on the star action.

bonds, stars, trend talk, trend talk: stars, star accessories, star bodysuit
Bonds Printed Bodysuit, $24.95

The stars don’t have to stop falling there. They can be found on shoes, headpieces, sunglasses, flash tattoos and yes, on your clothing (go on, fully embrace it). We’ve talked you through the do’s and don’ts, so get set to twinkle, twinkle at your next star-studded occasion (We apologise for all the star puns – the opportunity was too good not to miss).

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