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Trend Talk: Spring Polka Dots

Spring trend: Polka dots

Polka dots! Some love them or hate them – there are so many different ways to wear them, from tops to skirts, dresses and shorts.

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1. Sassy Polka Dot Tops

Polka Dots, Sassy, Tops

A polka dot top, no matter which style can go with anything! A polka dot tee can go with denim jeans for a more simple look. For a elegant style, a closed collar and buttoned polka dot top will work the best.

Choose any colour you want! For a more bold, out there look, wear a top with lot’s of polka dots and if you’re in a simple look, wear one with a minimum of dots.

2. Springime Polka Dot Skirt

Polka Dots, Spring, Skirts

Polka dot skirts are cute, bold and stylish! You can wear them with anything. For a spring look – wear a thigh-length polka dot skirt. To fit the weather, wear a vibrant colour, such as red or orange.

Small or medium sized dots are perfect for this size skirt Once again depending on your mood and style, you can have a lot or a little polka dot designs!

3. Surf Style Polka Dot Dress

Polka Dots, Spring, Dress

There are many styles in polka dot dresses! For the more elegant chic look – a tighter style of dress will do with a belt or bow. For a more freer and beach chic – a looser vibrant colour polka dot dress will be the way to go!


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