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Trend Talk: Sneakers With Skirts Are In

The sneakers and skirts trend has been gaining momentum for quite some time, staying in the trend lists throughout the seasons. Is it possible that the world may finally be recognising that heels for an all day and all night scenario are super painful? Or maybe it’s because the sneakers with skirts trend just makes you look so effortlessly cool and ready for anything.

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Ditching the heels for nights out and some work places has now become acceptable, as long as it’s done right. Take into account the material of the skirt or dress you will be wearing and try to match your shoes. For example, if the material is light and flowy, opt for a light canvas shoe. Your skirt length should also be monitored, avoiding pairing high tops with midi length skirts so as not to shorten the legs.

Trend Talk: Skirts and Sneakers

Take some style tips from trend setting celebrities such as Rihanna, Rita Ora, Taylor Swift and some old school Kristen Stewart. You can add some sneakers with a bit of bling and match to your accessories, or wear some lace-up canvas shoes with a skater skirt. A pair of Nikes with a midi length skirt or skirts with a split has also been noted in within street style.

Trend Talk: Skirts and Sneakers

While we are loving this comfortable, cute and practical trend for our use, we’re not sure it will be appearing on the Oscars red carpet anytime soon.

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