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Trend Talk: Sequins

This spring, sequins are the latest trend! Who doesn’t love sequins, they sparkle which makes you stand out and they make you look super sexy.Β You can wear them as a dress, shirt and even as pants. They come in a range of different colours and you can wear them any time of the day for whichever style.

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1. Sparkly Dresses

Sequins, Sparkle, Style

You can have a sequined bodice part of a long dress but my favorite is the sequined mini dresses. They ooze sex appeal and you will sparkle under the lights. They’re great for night outs and events and when you want to stand out! They’re short and give you a chance to reveal some leg.

2. Street Style Chic Shirt

Sequins, Sparkle, Chic

Sequined shirts let you add glitter and sparkle to a simple street style chic! It matches well with anything denim! A strap open shouldered shirt is the way to go, as you get the chance to reveal some skin and shine.

3. Elegant Sequined Pants

Sequins, Sparkle, Chic

Sequined Pants? Is it to bold and out there? If you’re one to stand out and loves to try new things with her style! Try these sequined pants. They’re loose, wide and simple but with sparkle!

You will look sexy and stylish with the right accessories and shirt. You will really stand out but everyone won’t care, as sequins are really trendy right now so be bold next time you go out.

4. Sexy Sparkle High Heels

Sequins, Sparkle, Style, Chic

Sequined high heels, yes please! They ooze sex appeal and are sexy as hell. You can choose any colours you want and if you really want to stand out, wear multi coloured ones.

Shoes that sparkle will add an even more sexy and all out there style to your look. Everyone will be drawn to your legs and feet. That’s what us ladies really love!

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