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Trend Talk: Braids

Forget everything you knew about the humble braid. No longer does it belong in the realm of school girls, beer halls and equestrian competitions; intricate braids and romantic plaits are now taking over runways and red carpets around the globe. And it’s super easy for you recreate at home! Only this time around, leave the ribbons alone.

From the fishtail to the halo; the ponytail-plait to the braid bun, your options with plaits and braids are endless. It’s important though, in achieving that perfect straigh-outta-the-youtube-tutorial look, to have the right base. You can braid hair easier, and create much more texture, when it isn’t clean. So give yourself a day after a hair wash before you braid. And NEVER, EVER braid your hair when it is wet, no matter how tempting it may (trust me, I’ve fallen victim to this far too many times), as it weakens and ultimately breaks your hair. Ugh.

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The easiest, most simple look to recreate for first-timers is the classic plait. Whether worn to the side, or straight down your back, there is definitely something romantic and whimsical about this look. Ensure your hair is tousled and rather loose (the more stray strands the better!) when attempting the plait, meaning professional hair styling skills are not required – the messier the better! Keira Knightly’s braid is an ethereal example of just how good a plait can be –  and how appropriate it can also be for a more glam occasion. Keep your makeup soft and dewy, let the hair fall naturally around your face and add a cute hair clip; you will be red carpet ready in an instant.

Braid, Plait, Hairstyle, Celebrity Hair Trend, Trend Talk, Hair

Nothing says elegance and modern femininity like a halo braid, so if it’s a new level of cool sophistication you are after, this is the hairstyle for you. It can be done in a long, sweeping side plait across the face, or taken from the middle part and wrapped around to the back of the head. It doesn’t just have to stop at one plait either! If you are feeling adventurous (and ready to take a few style risks), try two or three plaits layered up along the crown of your head, and then weave them into a tangled plaited bun at the back. But don’t listen to us, take it from the Queen herself: Beyonce, who rocks the halo braid like no other. It’s a little bit messy, seriously sexy and totally flawless.

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Braid, Plait, Hairstyle, Celebrity Hair Trend, Trend Talk, Hair

Whether you are after an on-the-go ‘do that is quick ad easy, looking to make a hair statement at the next party, or just want to add something new to your hairstyle repertoire, then braids and plaits are your new best friends. So ditch the GHD and stop wasting time curling your hair, step our of your hair comfort zone and start braiding!

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