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Trend Talk: The 90s

It’s the return of the nineties! Just like we’ve seen the seventies in recent trends, the nineties have also made a comeback and its super exciting.

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We all remember nineties fashion. It’s the time when the Spice Girls were peaking and us girls wanted to dress like Baby Spice, Ginger Spice, and the rest of the girls. Clueless was a big hit and Cher was fashion inspo for teens around the world.

There were definitely some hits and misses with fashion at that time, but some hits have been brought back for a second round.


I’m sure you’ve already noticed denim trending all over the place; denim jeans, denim-look shirts, and overalls. Denim jackets are especially a huge fashion item at the moment that was a classic nineties look.

Another type of classic jacket that has been brought back is the leather jacket. This is a timeless item that has been worn throughout different fashion eras, but the rocker-style cut of the nineties is what has been brought back today.

Flannel is also hugely worn today, as it was in the nineties, but more grunge. Flannel shirts are super popular now, as well as flannel print skirts, scarves, dresses etc. Tying a flannel shirt around your waist as an accessory has become a reoccurring trend that many people are following.

Last of the clothing is the crop top. As baring your stomach was popular 20 years ago, it’s also popular again today. Taking on a more sophisticated style, the crop top can look very chic now when styled right. It was a very casual way to dress in the nineties.


One major fashion accessory that made its way from the nineties is the choker – with a more modern twist. Today’s chokers are thicker, and worn with more elegance than the grunge look. Chokers have also made their way into clothing. Lots of fashion tops either have very high neck lines that wrap around your neck, and some tops even have choker attachments.

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Chunky shoes have been brought back, and I mean the chunkier the better. Doc Martins were a major grunge fashion statement in the nineties, but are now worn with many different styles, even pretty floral dresses.

Platform shoes have also made a comeback. Those cringe-worthy platform thongs (flip-flops) and sandals that were a classic teen staple are back in the fashion good books.

the 90s trend


If you constantly have re-growth and can’t be bothered getting it re-dyed, then you’re in luck. Having darker roots is a look that’s been brought back. Ombre hair is a new take on the look, but also super dark roots and lighter hair has been very popular recently. Pair that with tousled, beachy wavy hair and you could look like you’ve traveled in time from the nineties.

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