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Trend Talk: White In Winter

karlie kloss in white

Nothing says winter more than white. Literally.

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A colour that is both sophisticated and simple, yet a staple as is our good old trusted black. The thing about white is that it really makes your clothing stand out. Where black takes attention away, white draws in attention, meaning that dressing it up with statement necklaces, really doesn’t go unnoticed. This doesn’t mean that you can’t accessorise with black jewellery or scarves. Black on white is like the icing on a cake. It really does go hand in hand as it makes the look more polished and adds a sense of sharpness to it.

Black and white really are your best friends this winter. Nothing says chic more than a pair of black denim jeans paired with a white blazer. It is where casual meets formal and where the country meets the city.

White on white on white. What is not to love? Wearing a pair of white denim jeans, an off-white knitted jumper and paired up with a white coat is classy and chic intertwined. This look has got to be the “it” on trend white outfit look as it incorporates wardrobe staples into one look while looking sophisticated. Everything is available in white days, even denim. Who would’ve ever guessed?

However, if you’re someone who feels like there is a bit too much white going on and want a dash of colour, pair your fave white jeans or skirt with a baby pink, cream or beige coloured coat/ top for a subtle contrast. White in winter doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to use just white, you can use the many shades of white to create depth in your look.

As it is on trend this season, plum and berry lips go amazingly well with white. They are bold and really make a statement.

Here is how you can recreate the staple white winter look.

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