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Trend Alert: Velvet Décor

velvet furniture

Because we have all been taking a trip down memory lane in our wardrobes, why not do this in the house as well? Velvet is back, baby.

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Not only is it great to add warmth into the home this winter, but it is on point with the nostalgiac trend that has been happening lately in the fashion industry. Velvet is on trend this autumn/ winter and there is a look out there to suit everyone. Even if you feel as though velvet isn’t your thing, by the end of reading this, you will be jumping on the bandwagon.

Velvet sofa

velvet sofa

A velvet sofa in the home speaks classy and elegant intertwined with comfort and style. Although velvet has been a stylish look in the past, in recent times, if chosen and styled correctly, this not so “popular” can be transformed to have a modern feel. Go with neutral colours if you want to add softness to the house. If you are on the more daring side, go more bright blues or shades of lime green to really bring the 70’s back and add an element of wonder. Either way that you wish you style, this piece will not go unnoticed by guests and makes a beautiful centrepiece.


velvet cushions

Cushions are basically the definition of comfort. If you are in need of some hard earned comfort time or just looking to revamp your household décor, the velvet cushion is for you. Velvet cushions are super cozy and can turn that night in watching Netflix into a relaxing one. They are also great to lean on when using your laptop or even when you’re sitting in the corner indulging into a fresh new book. They come in all sorts of colours and patterns so you can change the entire look of the room, one cushion at a time.


velvet curtains

There is something about velvet that makes it look luxurious. Velvet curtains are pretty much the equivalent of feeling as though you’re living in one of those castles back in the day. Why wouldn’t you opt for this? It’s like your must have to showing who’s queen of the house-through your décor of course.

Velvet quilts

velvet quilt

As we are at the perk of winter, your usual blankets just wont make the cut. Velvet quilts can give added warmth and keep you cozy through those long winter nights. Quilts themselves are super cozy anyway and the added texture of velvet just makes leaving the heater and getting into bed more effortless. Just like the curtains, you will feel like a queen getting in and out of bed, guaranteed. It also looks beautiful to have velvet quilt styled on your bed, as part of a layered look. Oh, and did we mention that velvet cushions would build up on the layered look and accessorise your bedroom.

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