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3 Tips To Eating On The Go

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Eating out all the time can be hard on your health – and your wallet. If you’re one to always be in a hurry and you end up skipping breakfast every day, here are three tips to help you keep on top of filling your stomach.

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Pack A Lunch

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Whether it’s leftover spaghetti bolognaise or a butter chicken curry, having a packed lunch ready for you will save you big time. Even if you make extra just for the purpose of having a meal ready for you the next day. They’re the perfect lunch box fillers.

Also take some fruit, a handful of almonds or your favourite muesli bar.

Bottled Water

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Depending on your body mass, each day you are supposed to be drinking one litre of water per 20 kilos of your weight.

So everyone will be different, but it’s important to understand how staying hydrated will keep you energised throughout the day.

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Prepare The Night Before

If you’re a procrastinator or you’re on a tight schedule, the easiest thing to do is prepare yourself the night before. Have your lunch ready in the fridge or on the kitchen side for the morning. Have your water bottle filled and ready to go.

It’ll save you time and stress!

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