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The Magic Of Jeweller Tiffany & Co Over Time

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What is it about Tiffany & Co that makes it so magical? Is it the sparkling diamonds, the iconic designs or those beautiful, blue boxes with the exquisite white ribbons? What is it that makes every girl dream about receiving a Tiffany’s gift and tugging on the ribbon to reveal an amazing piece of jewelry that she will never take off?

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Whether you’re watching Breakfast at Tiffany’s or Bride Wars, we can all agree that Tiffany & Co jewelry has a certain magic to it that no other brand can compete with. Since 1837, Tiffany’s has been the epitome of class, creating iconic pieces that women all over the world would desire. Yellow diamonds, Return to Tiffany’s and Tiffany’s Keys are just a few collections that Tiffany & Co is famous for.

Tiffany & Co prides itself on being jewelry of true love and of New York; perhaps two of the most magical things in the world. There is something about the romance of the two that makes dreams come true for women longing for a Tiffany’s jewel. With campaigns revolving around love, especially on special dates such as Christmas and Valentine’s Day, it’s no wonder a Tiffany set ring is on the wishlist of many women.

Perhaps as enchanted as Disney, America has produced yet another source of magic in the form of Tiffany & Co. After all, it’s not true love if it isn’t Tiffany’s.

β€œNo where is a Tiffany diamond ring more beautiful or more treasured than its place of honour, on the hand of a woman” – Charles Lewis Tiffany.

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