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4 Of The Best Blush Shades

Blush, Make up

Blushes are a must have! They add colour to your cheeks and adds a different element to your make up look. There’s many colours to choose from, from rose pinks to chocolate brown and beige. Even dark rich colors for a darker skin tone. Yes, please!

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Flirty Pinks

Blushes, Flirty, Pink

There’s many different types of pink to choose from! For a more rosy look – wear a rose colour or a darker pink. It will add a shy blush to your cheeks and you will look good. For a lighter tone – wear a pastel pink, as it will still add some colour to your pale cheeks!

Brown Colours

Blushes, Brown

Brown blushes are amazing. It will add a bronze glow, which is perfect for a fall make up look. There’s many different browns to choose from, from a darker brown to a lighter beige/brown mixture. Want to really shine, a darker brown will work the best!

Soft Beige

Blushes, Beige

For a soft and light color. Wear a beige blush. It will add a hint of toner to your cheeks and go really well with the rest of your makeup style.

Dark and Bold Colours

Blushes, Dark, Bold

Like to stand out? Love bold colors? Wear a dark colour blush! There’s many to choose from, from red to bright pink and different browns. Want a coffee colour glow, choose a coffee brown! Just add a touch to your brush, as you don’t want to overdo it. Want a bold and vibrant look, wear a scarlet red blush! You will really stand out and it will really match with your bright red lipstick. Just remember to only add a little!

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