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Tattoo Ideas For Your First Ink

Tattoos are so common nowadays there’s no longer a stigma attached to them. More and more people are getting inked up – myself included! If you’ve been itching for some ink but are too scared to take the plunge here are some style inspo and placement ideas to help you out.

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The wrist is a common place to get a tattoo, and you could say it’s one of the ‘classy’ places to get one. Simple script or a single image looks great in this spot, but it’ll be very visible. So be prepared to answer heaps of questions every time someone sees it.

Tattoo Ideas For Your First Ink


The ankle is a more low-key place to get a tat. It’ll be visible only sometimes, but still looks great when you decide to show it off. The ankle has a pretty wide bit of space so any design fits perfectly.

Tattoo Ideas For Your First Ink


In-between the fingers has become a popular way to fit in a super tiny tat! Quirky or funny tattoos look good in this spot if you’re going for something light-hearted.

Tattoo Ideas For Your First Ink

Behind The Ear Or Neck

These tattoos can be very visible or hidden easily. It’s also a great spot to get a tiny tattoo behind the ear or you can go a bit bigger behind the neck.

Tattoo Ideas For Your First Ink


Girls getting tattoos on their ribs or on the side of their ribs has become very popular in recent years. This a great spot to keep it hidden. Popular tats in this spot tend to be some form of writing. But think out of the box and try something different there instead.

Tattoo Ideas For Your First Ink

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