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Taking A Gamble With Chanel Haute Couture

chanel haute couture

A bit of casino action, beautifully dressed models and Karl Lagerfeld – could you come up with a better theme for a Haute Couture runway show? Definitely not, because Karl Lagerfeld is the king of Chanel.

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Chanel’s Fall Haute Couture showing was held in the Grand Palais in Paris, with the most A-list guests sitting around makeshift gambling tables instead of in a front row. Models walked between tables in modern versions of Chanel’s famous suit with strong eye brows, prominent rosy blush, cherry lips and short, dark wigs. There wasn’t a blonde in the model house at Chanel’s showing as brunette, cropped hair models showed off the latest designs, including textured dresses in muted colours like green, brown and navy blue.

chanel haute couture

Kendall Jenner, a favourite of Chanel, closed the show in a creamy, bridal suit, complete with veil and flower brooch. In a very casino style, Kendall hit the floor in retro cream boots and a black and white manicure. She was almost unrecognisable with her long locks tucked up into her wig, but still just as stunning as usual.

Karl’s muses who sat among the gambling tables were all dressed especially by Karl to reflect the way he saw them. Rita Ora, Julianne Moore, Kristen Stewart, Lara Stone and Vanessa Paradis were some of the few who had the honour of wearing an outfit designed by Karl specifically for them. Each celebrity was wearing diamonds of some sort, with Karl saying, “I like that elegant moment of beautiful people going to the casino wearing jewellery. It’s like a fantasy.”

chanel haute couture
Julianne Moore
chanel haute couture
Kristen Stewart
chanel haute couture
Rita Ora

Cara Delevingne, a regular Chanel model didn’t walk in the Haute Couture show, as she was busy promoting her new movieΒ Paper Towns down here in Australia. Sorry we stole her Karl!

You can check out the full Chanel Haute Couture collection below.

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