HIIT vs Low Intensity Workouts

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Losing weight is the most common New Year's resolution. So three weeks into the new year, how are you holding up? A personal trainer once told me that it take three weeks to make a habit. So if you're not on board the train just yet, don't panic. Apparently it's a

How To Stay Fit Over Christmas

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With the holiday season now in full swing, there will be so many social events and gatherings that you'll be expected to attend from Christmas parties to lunches, New Year's celebrations and family dinners. 14071

How To: Work Out On Holiday

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You've worked hard all year long to get into shape for this holiday, only to indulge a little too much on cocktails and exotic foods. All that effort down the drain. Back to square one. 13455

The Best Workouts To Try In LA

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Travelling often makes your exercise routine a little difficult to commit to. Long plane rides, great food and wanting to see what the city has to offer can distract you from your fitness goals and make you come back from your holiday a little heavier than when you left, which

Fitness Fibs vs Fitness Facts

Emily Skye

There's so much talk about clean eating, interval training and deciphering what is right for your body that it's easy to get confused. So we went to one of Australia's top personal trainers to help us weed out the truth from the myth. 5973

6 Ways To Stay Healthy This Season

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With the winter months approaching, it’s easy to settle in, hibernate and pack on the winter kilos. However, this isn’t good for your mental or physical health, let alone your waist line. To combat this, we’ve put together a list of six helpful hints to help you stay lean and

Fabletics By Kate Hudson

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Kate Hudson is a golden girl. She’s fun, loveable, a great actress and a great role model for health and fitness. That’s why we love the new brand she has released called Fabletics, a range of awesome workout gear that will rival your LuluLemons and Lorna Janes. 10468

Latest Fitness Craze: Piloxing


Piloxing has finally made its way to Australia! Wondering what exactly it is? Well, it's a new kind of cardio fusion workout incorporating cutting edge research and fitness techniques to burn maximum calories, build lean muscles, and increase stamina – and, as the name suggests, is a unique mixture of Pilates

How To Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Long-term fitness goals are ones that include living healthier, lowering your BMI (body mass index) or cholesterol and making lifestyle changes. If you want to lose 10kg, it's your long-term commitments that will get you there. 5608

Why Running Is Great For Your Health

Hitting the pavement or the treadmill comes with an array of health benefits that are easily achievable with a little persistence. We all know it comes hand in hand with weight loss trends, but did you know it also benefits almost every part of your body and mind? 5388