Back in Style: Velvet

Velvet Fashion

I know, I didn’t quite believe it myself but velvet is making a comeback! I don’t know whether to be ashamed, excited, delirious or any other over the top emotions about this sometimes ambiguous trend.  Who am I kidding, I am absolutely ecstatic! Here, we round up some of the

Get The Look: Pretty in Pastel


Pastels are in again! Yep, it got us Style girls pretty excited. When is fashionable to dress like a marshmallow, it is a good time to be alive. Soft pinks, purples, lemons and blues are adorning the catwalk this spring, with connotations of a bag of pick-a-mix lollies. This light

Trend Talk: The 90s

It’s the return of the nineties! Just like we’ve seen the seventies in recent trends, the nineties have also made a comeback and its super exciting. 14207

Top Trends From Paris Fashion Week

trends, paris fashion week, pfw, paris

Paris Fashion Week has come to a close after many amazing designers showed what they’re made of when it comes to producing draw dropping style trends. This fashion week, Paris' Spring Summer 2016 impressed us very much and we’re so excited to get on the trends for the next season.

Trend Talk: Faux Fur Stoles

faux fur stoles

Neckwear for winter never goes out of fashion, especially something as classically beautiful as the stole. Chic personified, the stole adds a certain mystery to the outfit and it keeps you hella warm. 11821

Trend Talk: Longline Coats

Typically, winter can have a strange way of turning us fashion savvy ladies a little drab as we try to keep warm with outdated jeans and bulky jumpers. This season though – there is light at the end of the tunnel! Let us introduce... The Longline Coat. 10568

Trend Talk: The Sweater Dress

zendaya sweater dress

You might be thinking: "Dresses in autumn? Are you crazy?" But, hear us out. We always have those days in autumn where we feel hot and cold at the same time and are in a dilemma thinking “what should I wear”. Five outfits later and you’re still contemplating on what to

Trend Talk: Scandinavian Chic

Scandinavian fashion is all the rage right now. A country that is already famous for its design and architecture, is now taking its fashion on show. Those that ace the fashion scene look chic without the effort of trying too hard. Scandinavian style is all about being simple and effortless. This is