Back in Style: Velvet

Velvet Fashion

I know, I didn’t quite believe it myself but velvet is making a comeback! I don’t know whether to be ashamed, excited, delirious or any other over the top emotions about this sometimes ambiguous trend.  Who am I kidding, I am absolutely ecstatic! Here, we round up some of the

What is F45 all about?


Feeling frustrated by my meager solo gym effort, and the high cost of personal training, I decided to meet somewhere in the middle. That middle was F45 training. The F stands for functional, and many will know that functional training has been around the block a few times, reinventing itself

Get The Look: Pretty in Pastel


Pastels are in again! Yep, it got us Style girls pretty excited. When is fashionable to dress like a marshmallow, it is a good time to be alive. Soft pinks, purples, lemons and blues are adorning the catwalk this spring, with connotations of a bag of pick-a-mix lollies. This light

Our Picks Of Netflix


Netflix can be a minefield of options sometimes. Ever find yourself ten minutes into a show, wondering if you made the right decision? What if there is another series out there with your name all over it? Yep peeps, this is what I like to call Netflix FOMO. I have

Trend Talk: The New Trackies

How To, Trackies, Style

Trackies are awesome. They're comfy and not much effort for choosing a outfit. There are many ways to wear trackies and many styles to choose from. 17436

Trending: Slinky Style

trending: slinky pieces

Fashion is a lot sexier these days, what with cheeky cut out panels, skin baring frocks and daring sheer pieces, I'm surprised there aren't a higher amount of wardrobe malfunctions. 14336

Summer Trend: Strobing

strobing trend

Most of us are probably familiar by now with contouring and how it works. If you’re a beauty enthusiast or not, you’ve probably seen photos of the Kardashians with chiselled cheekbones and slim features – which is the illusion a fierce contour can give. If you’ve tried to do this