Our Latest Style Crush: Karlie Kloss

Karlie Kloss is a supermodel babe. She's a big name in the modelling world and she's part of Taylor Swift's gang (so jealous!) She's beautiful, smart and flawless with a upscale style, from street style to travel and Hollywood red carpet events. I'm obsessed with her fashion and I'm sure

Jetsetting In Style: Thailand

Tropical beaches, Beauty, Culture

Cold weather has hit our way! Want to escape and go to a place filled with sunshine?- Thailand is the answer. With it's tropical beaches, nightlife, spas, markets and culture, there's lots to do. So plan your holiday, catch some sun and experience everything this country has to offer. 18433

Short Break: Sydney


In preparation for my imminent trip to Sydney next week (a little work, a lot of pleasure), I have concocted a perfect day and night in the big city (and its surrounds.) Brunch There is only one place to start the day and that is Newtown. An inner west suburb only a

Style Hotspot: Dubai Daze


Dubai is famous for its extravagance, wealth and hedonism which is carefully shrouded in a veil of modesty and traditional practices. A recent trip to Europe called for a stop-over in the amazing city, which is the second largest Emirate in the UAE. Three days was all that was needed,

The Best Of The US

The USA is a hotspot for Australian tourists – the landscapes, monuments, culture. From bustling big cities to small country towns we've seen in movies in movies, the allure is real. Not to mention, it's also the land where dreams come true and you may spot a celebrity or two. 17195

Add A Touch Of Wanderlust To Your Wardrobe

wanderlust wardrobe pieces

There's a magic about travel that fuels our dreams and inspires us to explore new worlds and put our lives on hold while we go on new adventures. Unfortunately, not all of us can be on holidays all the time, but we're always planning our next getaway, whether it be

An Airport Hack We All Need To Know

airport, travel, water refill

Right so here's the deal. You've made it to Changi Airport, Singapore. You haven't booked a meal on your flight because you're a tightwad and/or you just don't quite enjoy those pre-made meals. 14307

How To Travel In Style

travel, style, travel in style, celebrity, suitcase

At some point in our lives, we've always wanted to feel like a celeb or a VIP, but it comes out even more so when we travel. 14129

Top 10 Places To Get Hitched In Las Vegas

Las Vegas, Wynn, weddings

With more than 300 sunny days each year (and a whole lotta booze) it’s no surprise Las Vegas is known as the ‘wedding capital of the world’, but with such a wealth of venue options it can prove difficult to decide on the perfect backdrop for the big day. Whether

How To Pack Your Holiday Suitcase

suitcase on bed

Trying to condense a walk-in wardrobe plus all your other travel essentials in to one lousy suitcase is not easy. You may only be going away for a week but you need to be prepared for every situation, right? 5078