Our Pick of the Kicks

Nike Roshe

There is nothing better than a fresh pair of kicks. Actually there might be. Try 4 pairs.  Yup, I have only gone and rounded up my top picks of trainers on the market at the moment. 17897

How To Dress In 1920s Style

vintage 1920s dresses

Who doesn't love 1920s fashion? From the famous flapper dresses to elegant dresses, feathers and long stylish gloves. Need ideas for a 1920s-themed party or just love the style like I do, then read on for some tips on how to look like a '20s babe who will never go out of style!

Underwear As Outerwear

Kim Kardashian Dress

Is underwear as outerwear ever ok? Kim K seems to think so, if the recent pap snaps are anything to go by. While we don’t quite have her confidence, we reckon it is ok to push the clothing boundaries a teeny bit. Be warned though; this look is quite racy

3 Of The Best Online Shopping Sites

Online Shopping

There is probably no better feeling in the world then online shopping from the comfort of your own bed. It is an astonishingly long time since I have set foot in an actual store. 17764

Trend Talk: Sequins

This spring, sequins are the latest trend! Who doesn't love sequins, they sparkle which makes you stand out and they make you look super sexy. You can wear them as a dress, shirt and even as pants. They come in a range of different colours and you can wear them any

Plane Good Style

Plane Right Style

I’m a bit of a jet setter. OK not in the London to Paris sense, but I fly pretty regularly. Does the Darwin to Sydney route qualify me as globetrotter extraordinaire? OK, maybe not, but I do know a thing or two about comfy flying. 17745

How To Add Accessories To Your Style

Accessories, Style, Chic

Accessories can add a little something extra to your look. There are so many to choose from – from necklaces, rings to bracelets and bags. You can choose from a range of different styles from bohemian to elegant chic or even a edgy teenage chic. 17556

Boy Meets Girl Fashion

Masculine Style

Style is so much more flexible these days, and the rule book has been flung out the window with regards to a lot of previous no go looks. Remember blue and green never to be seen? Well, I have had serious fashion envy for some chicks rocking the shades simultaneously.