Our Pick of the Kicks

Nike Roshe

There is nothing better than a fresh pair of kicks. Actually there might be. Try 4 pairs.Β  Yup, I have only gone and rounded up my top picks of trainers on the market at the moment. 17897

Skater Shoes Are Back

Skater Shoes Trending

There's been no secret of the sneakers trend that has been taking over the fashion world and thus the actual world for the last couple of years. 16973

The Flat Shoes Every Girl Should Own

nike roshe run

It's time to kick up your heels ladies, or should we say kickΒ OUT your heels; because the style gods have finally heard our desperate pleas, and this season, it's all about the flats. A woman knows there is no greater pain out there then that 1am sidewalk stalk, when the