Must Try: Ella Bache Hydro-Microdermabrasion

10 Simple Beauty Benefits Using Lemon

Skincare is one thing not worth skimping on; I would rather put a cheap lippie on than use a budget cleanser. This is not to say that bargain items do not work, but sometimes you really do pay for what you get. 17483

5 Beauty Lessons Our Mums Taught Us

As much as we may deny it, mothers always know best and when they give us advice they only have our best interests at heart. So next time they throw out that word jumble you weren’t really listening to catch yourself and ask them to repeat it, they've been there

The Benefits of Using Face Oil

It's time to ditch your facial moisturisers ladies, there is a new hero in town. Facial oils are trending in the beauty world this season – and for all the right reasons. 10681

Top 5 Bronzers

Top 5 Bronzers

Bronzed, glowing skin is the way to go to get that healthy tanned look. It's especially great while we're still in summer here in Australia to fake a tan! 15345

What You Need To Know About SPF

Sometimes there’s more to just slapping on some sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays. Like, did you know there are different types of sunscreen for different types of UV rays? And what exactly is the difference between SPF 15, 20, and 30? 14003

Tips And Tricks To Erase Dark Under-Eye Circles

So you’ve had your 8-hour beauty sleep, cut down on your unhealthy habits and did the whole de-puffing cucumber trick. But you still inevitably get the dreaded (and frankly unnecessary) comment that can dampen your whole day – “you look tired today”. Gee, thanks. 7130

Lancome’s 80th Birthday Bash

lancome 80th annniversary

Don’t we wish that when we have our 80th birthday party, we’d be inviting all our celebrity friends for a glamorous red carpet event? I guess Lancome is a bit more iconic than us, but a girl can always dream right? 11071

How To: Keep Soft, Hydrated Skin in Winter

skincare, winter skin, hydration

It can be tough keeping beautiful in winter when all you want to do is hibernate in your bed. Avoiding common winter skin occurrences such as dry skin, chapped lips and brittle nails is crucial for your own comfort, not just aesthetic reasons. Besides, you don't want to be scratching your