Lash Love: The Sexier The Better

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Having long, lush lashes is something every girl dreams of, though most of us don't have them naturally. When using false eyelashes, you can turn your makeup into anything; sultry, innocent, glam – just pick the right pair and you can totally transform your look.  875

Trend Talk: Why Sport Luxe Is Here To Stay

Trend Talk: Sport Luxe Is Here To Stay

Not since the mid-80s have we seen the sheer amount of sports and activewear becoming our everyday get-up. Although, this time around it's a bit different. We are not being lured into wearing slouch socks and fluro leotards, but rather mixing and matching with sneakers and blouses, tank tops and

So Much Love For This Label: Maurie & Eve

Maurie & Eve, General Pants Co

Edgy and fun, Maurie and Eve have a piece to suit everyone. The Sydney based brand gives us the latest in fashion with a combination of classy and outrageous styles. Their most recent collection share a range of sheer materials and great patterns on their dresses and shirts. With hipster-style pants

What’s In Your Beauty Pantry?


The thing about going to the beauty section of the local supermarket is that: 1. You feel as though you’re in heaven; 2. There’s so much to choose from; 3. You stand there contemplating about what you’re going to buy. 9614

Shop All The New Season Must-Haves

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It's that time of the year once again and, as the weather changes, women everywhere are opening their closets and calling out to their significant others the same-old catchphrase, "Oh, I have nothing to wear!" much to his or her despair... Well, never fear because with our edit of all

Forever 21 Finally Lands In Sydney

Californian retail giant Forever 21 officially opened its first Sydney store at Macquarie Centre this morning, the latest major store to open as part of the $440 million redevelopment of the centre. This will be the fifth and final international high street brand to open at Macquarie Centre since 16

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River Island

I'll be first to tell you I'm a minimalist girl. Black and black, denim and marle grey are my favourite colours and, when it comes to accessories, I believe less is more. An everyday tote, a weekend clutch, statement bangle and chic sunglasses are all a girl really needs. 5297