Healthy And Delicious Eats: 3 Sweet Recipes

sweet treats, desserts, banana pancakes

Ever click on a fit girl’s article about healthy treat ideas, only to be greeted with “delicious kale smoothies and “beetroot chips”? Yep, us too. In honour of style girls who have been burned by such food fables, we bring you some healthy treats that are actually awesome tasting. We

How To Use Your Leftover Easter Eggs

what to do with leftover easter eggs

It’s now been over a week since Easter, but I’m sure many of us still have left over chocolate that we’re slowly but surely consuming. While chocolate never gets boring, we might be getting a little sick of eating little eggs or breaking pieces off chocolate bunnies, why not use

Better Than a Snickers Bar Slice Recipe

Better than A Snickers Slice Recipe

We love nothing better than a sweet treat at the end of the day, so Style Etcetera has teamed up with Instagram fave The Healthy Journey to bring you the ultimate in delectable indulgences that are gluten free, refined sugar free and full of goodness. 5369

Delicious Midweek Recipes

Food Delicious Recipe

Sometimes inspiration for dinners midweek can be lack lustre and we often resort to making the same old tried and tested spag bol.We have a couple of wonderful little recipes that are easy to throw together and relatively healthy - although we sometimes compromised the health part for absolute deliciousness. Scrummy