How To: Paint Nails Perfectly Every Time

How To: Paint Nails Perfectly Every Time

Applying nail polish evenly and neatly can be a borderline impossible feat sometimes – colour ends up on your cuticles, manicures take hours to dry and even if it does look semi-decent, it never seems to last more than 2 days! In this article, we’ll take you through the steps

Perfect Nail Colours For Summer

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Changing your nail colour is the perfect way to express your moods, compliment your outfit, or just make your nails look super rad. There are a few ‘rules’ you could say, about what kind of colours suit different kinds of season. I personally think you can where what you want,

Do You Need A Nail Cleanser?

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If you're looking at giving yourself the ultimate at home, DIY spa experience, you've gotta have face masks, hair treatments and a fantastic manicure to boot. 11025

Are Gel Manicures Bad For You?

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I’m addicted to my gel manicure. There’s gorgeous colours and sparkles, the polish makes my nails stronger and it lasts for so much longer than a normal manicure, so it really pains me to hear that they could be ruining my nails. Nail polish in general is not great for

Nail Polish Colours You Need This Season

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As the leaves change colour and summer draws to a close, this is when we need to think about changing the colours on our nails. Although summer is when all things are bright and colourful, autumn is when you can really unwind and express yourself. It is all about rocking

Trend Alert: Negative Space Nail Art

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Sometimes it is the simplest things that make the most impact. Negative space nail art is one of the latest trends in the world of nail art and we are totally jumping on the bandwagon, because why not? The negative nail art is sort of like a cut out dress

#Beautyinspo: Autumn Nails

As the summer sunshine is slowly being replaced by the falling leaves and crisp weather, it’s time to shake up your wardrobe – including your nails! We’ll sure with you our top picks to help you (and your nails) transition between the seasons. 8400