What It’s Like To Live with Chronic Illness

Chronic Illness

Last year I had a breakdown. Forย  weeks, I hid in the confines of my room and stealthily avoided phone calls, text messages and lunch dates. Nobody knew it was happening, except for work, my doctor and my boyfriend. It is so easy to hide behind a text message and

5 Reasons We Should Laugh More

Have you ever wondered why you feel so fantastic after a long laughing fit with your bestie? Well, science has the answer and it proves that laughter actually is the best medicine. 5379

Is Anxiety Ruining Your Life?

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We have all had that fluttery butterfly feeling of nervousness at some point. An important meeting or presentation at work can give the best of us an upset stomach. What happens when these feelings become a constant in your life? When the sheer thought of getting up in the morning

R U OK? Be Aware Of Depression

Depression Mental Health Health

Depression is starting to get the attention it deserves as the world opens its arms more to the idea that mental illness is a real, very tangible disease. We still have some way to go though and the recent death of Robin Williams has opened a window to the people

Tips To Banish The (Monday) Blues

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We all know that a diet laden with Frenchย fries, baked goods and ice cream can lead to obesity, diabetes and a myriad of other health problemsย as we get older, but did you know that eating junk food everyday will not just pollute your body but also your mind. Nutritionist, naturopath and