Apps To Live By

Apps to Live By

Ever take a trip to the App Store and don't know what you are looking for? I have decided to put together my top 5 apps right now, in order to take your pain out of choosing. I'm sound like that. Audible Audible is my absolute favourite at the moment. Brought to

What It’s Like To Live with Chronic Illness

Chronic Illness

Last year I had a breakdown. ForΒ  weeks, I hid in the confines of my room and stealthily avoided phone calls, text messages and lunch dates. Nobody knew it was happening, except for work, my doctor and my boyfriend. It is so easy to hide behind a text message and

Our Picks Of Netflix


Netflix can be a minefield of options sometimes. Ever find yourself ten minutes into a show, wondering if you made the right decision? What if there is another series out there with your name all over it? Yep peeps, this is what I like to call Netflix FOMO. I have

How To Fight Fatigue


So you are super tired all of the time and don’t know why. I bet you have been made to feel like lethargy is part of a modern day existence; a nuance that we need to put up or shut up. 18024

Our Pick of the Kicks

Nike Roshe

There is nothing better than a fresh pair of kicks. Actually there might be. Try 4 pairs.Β  Yup, I have only gone and rounded up my top picks of trainers on the market at the moment. 17897

Meal Prepping: A How-To Guide

meal prep

Meal prepping is not a new phenomenon, but many people still find it to be a daunting task. There is no need to be afraid though, as we have some tricks of the trade right here, to make it easier for you. 17779

How To: Feng Shui Your Place For Spring

Spring is here! It's the season for renewal, happiness and love. Feeling tired and like you have no energy, the answer is to Feng Shui your home and your energy will lift.Β Read more for some amazing super easy tips on how to Feng Shui your home for spring. 17585

The Waste Of Worry


Worry has long been a companion in my life. Worry, I imagine accompanies many people day-to-day. The reason for its existence are variable. In my story, I believe it is an emotion that has locked itself into my psyche as a form of self-preservation. 17607

Tips For Babes On A Budget

Bec & Bridge

I hate to go all grandma on your ass, but we gotta talk about saving and debt management. As a girl with a serious shopping obsession, I know from experience, the stress that credit card bills and empty savings accounts can cause. 17476

Blogger Spotlight: Rosemary MacCabe

Rosemary MacCabe

I have decided to head across the pond, to put the spotlight on Irish Blogger Rosemary MacCabe. Rosemary has many guises, with social media influencer, stylist and all round legend to name just a handful. Before taking the leap into the online stratosphere, Rosemary was a successful journalist for one