Tips For Babes On A Budget

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I hate to go all grandma on your ass, but we gotta talk about saving and debt management. As a girl with a serious shopping obsession, I know from experience, the stress that credit card bills and empty savings accounts can cause. 17476

6 Steps To Deal With Anxiety

anxiety how to deal

Everyone experiences anxiety at some point in their life. It’s a natural reaction to fear of the unknown, a stressful situation, or dreading an upcoming event. The worried and uneasy feelings that come with anxiety, quite frankly, suck. If you’ve ever felt anxious before then you know that these feelings

Stylish Must-Haves For A Girl On The Go

We all have super busy work schedules, study commitments, social calendars and dates, not to mention family and finally 'zone-out time' for some exercise, meditation or simply relaxing on the couch with a bag of Doritos.Β And, I must confess, as a 'busy' person (which I love and hate all at

How To Follow Through On Your New Year’s Resolutions

how to follow through with new years resolutions

Making your New Year's Resolutions is sometimes setting yourself up for failure. Some people are able to buckle down and keep up their determination throughout the year to achieve what they desire. An easier way to achieve the things you want for 2015 though, is to set goals instead of