Steal Her Style: Kylie Jenner Street Style

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If there is one Kardashian/Jenner that we all need to keep our eyes on, then that’s little Kylie Jenner. She’s the youngest member of the crazy family, which means she has the best opportunity to live and learn from her older sisters when it comes to the dos and don’ts

Kardashian Beauty: Summer Squad 2016

Kardashian Beauty: Summer Squad

There may be a little family rivalry in the Kardashian-Jenner klan with Kardashian Beauty bringing out their newest collection called Summer Squad which includes a matte lip that could compete with Kylie's. 16916

How To Do Your Makeup Like A Kardashian

how to do your makeup like a kardashian

The Kardashians can cop all the flack they want from millions of people across the world, but one thing that cannot be denied is that these girls (and their makeup artists) know how to work their makeup. 15979

Kylie Jenner’s 18th Birthday Style

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The youngest member of the Kardashian family is now officially an adult, and to celebrate, she turned her 18th birthday into a monetizing opportunity, proving that she has learnt very well from her older sisters. 11645

Still Crushing: Khloe Kardashian For Complex

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A reaction like 'phwooarr' has never, ever been more appropriate than for Khloe Kardashian's cover shoot with Complex magazine. Doing an interview with the team and opening up about all things Kardashian, Khloe has also been taken out of her comfort zone, posing in skimpy gym clothes, and it just

Kris Jenner’s Latest Clothing Copy

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Of all the controversial mums in the celebrity world, Kris Jenner has to be the absolute queen of drama. With five daughters and a son under her, Kris is a heavy mumager, getting into her children’s lives and influencing each move they make, career-wise and personally. 10905

Our Latest Style Crush: Kylie Jenner

The 17-year-old has entered the fashion industry by storm and her fashion is a combination of where edgy/ adventurous meets chic. Kylie’s outfits are always on point and always look oh so effortless. She is no stranger to setting fashion trends, because if she’s seen wearing ‘it’, ‘it’ has already