Ripped Jeans Three Ways

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A pair of ripped jeans can be such a statement and little tears are great for adding some personality into your favourite pair of denims. 16812

Waistline Trends By Decade

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It seems not so long ago we were wearing low-rider jeans and taking style tips from Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. The level at which their jeans sat below their hipbones was cause for outrage from many mums who were still in high-waisted jeans from a previous decade. 11823

Trend Talk: Flared Jeans Are Making A Comeback

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Since the mid-2000s skinny jeans have dominated the market but in a time where past styles are being reintegrated in numbers an old silhouette is making a refreshing comeback. Flared jeans are the latest trend and are being worn by everyone from Victoria Beckham to Karlie Kloss. 1852

Trend Talk: Why We Love Boyfriend Jeans

Trend Talk: Why We Love Boyfriend Jeans

Probably one of the best 'light bulb moments' in fashion history, the slashed-up boyfriend jeans is the latest epidemic in Hollywood. They're super relaxed and practical, oh and not to mention both heel AND sneaker friendly! The only downside is that your boyfriend actually hates them but what does he know about fashion. How