Home Inspo: Indoor Plants

Okay... we get it. So you think indoor plants are for senior citizens right? Well let me shed some light for you. Firstly, grandmas are onto it and secondly, you are so wrong! 10588

How To: Industrial Style Your Home

industrial decor design home

Industrial style is all about transparency. Exposed bricks. Exposed Beams. Steel lights. The look has been inspired from warehouses and factories where everything was in the open. Industrial style is a great way to recycle and reuse materials that we already have in our homes. The industrial feel is achieved

Trend Alert: Scandinavian Design

living room scandinavian

Scandinavian style or “Scandi style” is a versatile style for interiors. Similar to the Scandinavian fashion trend, it is all about minimalism. It is predominantly white walls and floors, natural fabrics and surfaces, which allow you to add a bit of “yourself” into the room through fun patterns and vibrant

Design Trend: Mandala Décor

mandala boho theme

One of the trends that entered into the fashion world was one with a Bohemian feel. Fringes. White. Flowers. Beads. Vintage. These are some words that come to mind. Not only has the Boho Chic trend been evident in fashion, but it is also becoming evident in home décor. 9912