Healthy And Delicious Eats: 3 Sweet Recipes

sweet treats, desserts, banana pancakes

Ever click on a fit girl’s article about healthy treat ideas, only to be greeted with “delicious kale smoothies and “beetroot chips”? Yep, us too. In honour of style girls who have been burned by such food fables, we bring you some healthy treats that are actually awesome tasting. We

The 5-Minute Smokey Eye

Pulling off a smokey eye requires time, effort, and practice. It’s something that looks super glam when done correctly…or could possibly make you look like a raccoon if you mess it up. 12949

Tips On Styling Nudes

Nude’s are totally the go-to colour right now in clothing. If you aren’t rocking the nudes then you definitely should be because they look good on everyone! We’ve seen Kim K rock the nudes, Emma Stone, and even Anna Kendrick on the red carpet. 17004

How To Style A Bomber Jacket

styling bomber jackets

Bomber jackets are the kind of clothing item that float in and out of style every so often. They were popular in the 90's, jumped back into fashion in the mid 2000's, and now they've made an appearance again. 17035

5 Ways To Look Good When Its Cold

5 Ways To Look Good When Its Cold

It’s hard to look good in winter when you’re covered from head to toe. You either rug up and look like an oversized potato or wear less layers and risk frostbite. Here are some tips to keep warm this cold winter while still looking super cute. 16953

5 Ways To Wear White Pants

how to white pants

If you cringe at the thought of wearing white pants then you’re not alone! The thought of wearing white on the bottom half of your body can be quite scary, especially when you have no idea how to style it, if it’ll suit you, or if you can even pull

The ‘Sandbag’ Makeup Technique

sandbag makeup tecnique

It may sound kind of gross or be a weird name for a technique, but ‘sandbagging’ your makeup is actually a really awesome way to stop makeup from creasing, smudging, or moving throughout the day. 16639

How To Find Your Personal Style

find your style

If we can’t even pick out an outfit for the day then how are we ever able to find our personal style? Styling clothes can be tricky, and figuring out what we like on our bodies best can be even harder. 16600