Jetsetting In Style: Bali

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Bali is a hot spot for Aussies! It's so close and it has beautiful beaches! The night life is rocking and the alcohol is cheap! You can stay in a beautiful resort and feel like a Island queen. Planning a trip to Bali then read on for some tips on the

How To Save On Holiday Bookings

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The holiday season is quickly approaching and the idea of flying away couldn't sound any more inviting. It's the 'high season' for most continents around the globe so prices are beginning to rise. 13327

An Airport Hack We All Need To Know

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Right so here's the deal. You've made it to Changi Airport, Singapore. You haven't booked a meal on your flight because you're a tightwad and/or you just don't quite enjoy those pre-made meals. 14307

How To Pack Your Holiday Suitcase

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Trying to condense a walk-in wardrobe plus all your other travel essentials in to one lousy suitcase is not easy. You may only be going away for a week but you need to be prepared for every situation, right? 5078

Every Beach Lover’s Must Haves

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Tans, bikinis and happy hour on the sand, Australia is excited that summer is finally here! It seems like we’ve been waiting forever for those warm, sunny days, and now that they’re upon us, we’re planning to hit the beach every weekend until March! 12994

Five Customs To Remember When Travelling In China 

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Whether you're getting ready for a gap year, backpacking or doing some volunteer work in China, there are many things that western people do that may be deemed inappropriate to locals. Vice versa, there are certain habits and customs that we aren't used to seeing when visiting another country. 12830