How To Style Your Hair For Spring Racing

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It's Melbourne Cup Day, how are you going to wear your hair? There's many ways to style it without having to get it cut and styled at a hairdresser – especially at the 11th hour! Try these two styles out... 18112

5 Spring Hairstyles

Spring is on its way and we can't wait. Nature comes back to life and we come out of hiding from layers of clothes. 17297

3 Hairstyles For Dirty Hair

dirty hair hairdtyles

Did you know its not good for your hair if you wash it every day? Or sometimes we girls get lazy and leave our hair for a few days...either way, letting your hair get greasy can be pretty gross and that third or fourth day hair can be tricky to

Hair Envy: The Silver Hair Trend

silver hair trend

Unconventional hair colours have been all the rage lately. Some very brave people have been rocking hair colours like purple, pastel pinks and blues, and even green. An even stranger hair colour that has been a hit lately is silver. Yes, that’s right, people have been asking for silver/grey hair…and

How To: Naturally Lighten Your Hair

How To- Naturally Lighten Your Hair

One of the main cons of colouring your hair is that it can be really damaging. Imagine split ends, breakage, dryness...everything you don’t want for your hair! But, did you know there are a few natural ways to lighten your hair without all the chemical damage? 15644

3 Of The Best Summer Hairstyles

It’s the middle of summer here in Australia and things are starting to heat up! Bearing the heat can be a bit of a heavy task for some, especially when your hair gets in the way and sticks to the back of your neck (it can get sweaty and gross

The Hair Transformation Of Taylor Swift

Taylor has been on the spotlight since her first single back in 2006, that’s 9 years of her growing and changing in front of our very eyes! While her writing style has definitely stayed the same, her personal style has only improved with her age. 14565