How To Style Your Hair For Spring Racing

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It's Melbourne Cup Day, how are you going to wear your hair? There's many ways to style it without having to get it cut and styled at a hairdresser – especially at the 11th hour! Try these two styles out... 18112

Tips For Going From Blonde To Brunette

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With the colder months coming up it’s time for some of us to ditch the sunny blonde and say hello to mahogany or chocolate brown. While it seems like an easy task, there are some simple tips that you should follow to ensure your brunette hair is more bombshell than

Frizz-Fighting Tips For Softer Hair

Does your hair frizz and kink at the slightest sign of moisture or humidity? A wet winter doesn't have to mean having to wear your fedora every day when you can fight frizz and have smoother hair. The reason that hair frizzes is because it lacks moisture and natural oils. To

How To: Beat The Heat To Get Back Those Shiny Locks

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There are plenty of women out there who couldn’t go a day without using heat appliances to tame their manes. Whether you’ve got a mass of curly, frizzy, thick or thin hair you need to be sure you’re using the right products to avoid heat styling damage. 12823

3 Hairstyles For Dirty Hair

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Did you know its not good for your hair if you wash it every day? Or sometimes we girls get lazy and leave our hair for a few days...either way, letting your hair get greasy can be pretty gross and that third or fourth day hair can be tricky to

Hair Envy: The Silver Hair Trend

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Unconventional hair colours have been all the rage lately. Some very brave people have been rocking hair colours like purple, pastel pinks and blues, and even green. An even stranger hair colour that has been a hit lately is silver. Yes, that’s right, people have been asking for silver/grey hair…and

How To Bring The Moisture Back

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Our hair is as living and breathing as the rest of our body. Thus we need to feed it and fuel it in order for it to function properly. Blow drying, straightening and general sun damage cause havoc with our hair, literally sucking the life out of it. Think dry,