Would You Wear This Fur?

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Is it ever ethical to wear real fur? Taking the skin off a dead animal to keep warm is a primal instinct, but taking it off for fashion is a little bit wrong. Instead of wearing faux fur to feed your inner Cruella de Vil, the fashion label Petite Mort

Trend Talk: Fur Is Back

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In the wake of fashion weeks around the world coming to a close, the top trends are being divided out from the pack as some of the hottest things that we will be wearing this season.Β  9079

Must-Have Winter Accessories You Need Now

Must Have Winter Accessories

It's time to rug up from the cold with some cute accessories that will keep you warm and looking good against the chilly winds.Β Beanies, earmuffs and hats are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to adorable winter accessories. There's scarves, gloves and shawls to keep you cosy,

Trend Talk: First Class Fur

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They did it in New York, London and Paris, and now it's time to add a little (or a lot) of fur to your wardrobe for this year's winter.Β Whether it be fur detailing, fur stoles or a full length fur coat, adding a bit of fur to your wardrobe has