Why ‘Before And Afters’ Matter

It's that subtle reminder of where you want to be, or how far you've come. It's what's stuck between you and opening that fridge door – a photo; 10kg heavier, as a result of demolishing dumplings and noodles throughout your entire holiday in China. 14455

How To Stay Fit Over Christmas

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With the holiday season now in full swing, there will be so many social events and gatherings that you'll be expected to attend from Christmas parties to lunches, New Year's celebrations and family dinners. 14071

How To: Work Out On Holiday

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You've worked hard all year long to get into shape for this holiday, only to indulge a little too much on cocktails and exotic foods. All that effort down the drain. Back to square one. 13455

3 Tips To Eating On The Go

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Eating out all the time can be hard on your health – and your wallet. If you're one to always be in a hurry and you end up skipping breakfast every day, here are three tips to help you keep on top of filling your stomach. 13449

3 iPhone Apps To Get You Fit

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It's that time of year again. Summers crept up on us and some of us may still be wondering when that motivation is about to kick in. Here are three free iPhone apps that will help get you back into action. 13299

Body-Toning Protein Shake Recipe

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There are so many health products on the market that it can be overwhelming deciding which is best for you. Sometime's it's a bit of a hit and miss. Product reviews and recommendations can help you decide, but everyone's bodies are different. 13014