3 Of The Best Online Shopping Sites

Online Shopping

There is probably no better feeling in the world then online shopping from the comfort of your own bed. It is an astonishingly long time since I have set foot in an actual store. 17764

Boy Meets Girl Fashion

Masculine Style

Style is so much more flexible these days, and the rule book has been flung out the window with regards to a lot of previous no go looks. Remember blue and green never to be seen? Well, I have had serious fashion envy for some chicks rocking the shades simultaneously.

Trend Talk: Military Uprising

camouflage, military

The fashion industry is experiencing a renaissance of late, with many dying trends rising again. Military style is everywhere, and can be attributed to the Kardashian clan, primarily Kylie. Her Instagram is adorned with ghetto fashion, RnB beats and army style. 17470

How To: Dress Up For Work

Work, How To, Dress It Up

Ladies, have you ever felt hopeless when trying to choose a awesome stylish trendy outfit for work but just have no idea where to start? Don't despair. Looking good for work whilst sticking to the professional office dress code is easier than it seems. 17263

Fair Trade Fashion

fair trade fashion

Want a valid excuse for shopping? Well here it is! Fair trade fashion can help the environment, provide a sustainable way of life for people in developing countries and take children out of forced labour. That sounds like a triple threat if ever there was one! 17225

How to: Wear A Casual Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits have made a fashion comeback in the last few years. Everyone in the clique knows this. The jogger jumpsuit however, holds a more elusive place in the lookbook. Is it socially acceptable to wear all-in-one sweats in public? We have the trend locked down. Watch and learn, girls. This cute

Would You Wear This Fur?

petite mort fur

Is it ever ethical to wear real fur? Taking the skin off a dead animal to keep warm is a primal instinct, but taking it off for fashion is a little bit wrong. Instead of wearing faux fur to feed your inner Cruella de Vil, the fashion label Petite Mort

Add A Touch Of Wanderlust To Your Wardrobe

wanderlust wardrobe pieces

There's a magic about travel that fuels our dreams and inspires us to explore new worlds and put our lives on hold while we go on new adventures. Unfortunately, not all of us can be on holidays all the time, but we're always planning our next getaway, whether it be